China and Finley

I supervised the rigging of the many characters, props, animals and flowers that filled the land of Oz in the hit movie Oz, The Great and Powerful. The two main characters were China and Finley. Finley was the conscience that Oz never had, and China was the little girl that tugged at his heart and ultimately turned him into a good man. We spent a lot of time rigging them due to their special needs. China had to express delicate emotion while still appearing to be made of rigid porcelain. Finley had wings that the animators used to express his feeling. I spent a great deal of time developing a new wing rig that was accurate to real birds yet easy to animate, and a feather system that would make them behave believably. Those were just two characters; anything that the animators touched, we rigged, including the crystal flowers and birds in the bubble voyage.   China is totally a little girl as she turns the tables on Oz and manipulates him   Finley desperately tries to steer Oz in the right direction, but Oz is having none of it   Glinda takes Oz, Finley and China on a Bubble Voyage. Along the way they encounter blooming crystal flowers and a flock of striped doves, which I also rigged.