All dressed up for a night on the beach

The Wyland Gallery in Laguna Beach has graciously offered to display my artwork on New Year’s Day during the Laguna Beach Artwalk.  Since Wyland had to open his own gallery many years ago when he was new just to get his work on display, he helps out other new artists by providing a venue to display their art.  A lot of artists want to take advantage of this opportunity, so I feel blessed to be selected.  I will also be displaying several of my photographs along with my sculptures, filling out the front lobby of the Laguna Beach gallery.

Both the horse and dancer in the Running Free sculpture are ready for their big debut.  While they are not finished, just in the early stages of clay, they will be the center piece of my solo show.  They are the most ambitious and dynamic of my sculptures, and together they have a lot of impact.  People also love to see behind the curtain of the creative process, so these two sculptures in progress will give them a good look.  I plan on working on them as well, so people can ask questions and hopefully learn a bit about what it takes to make one.

Running Free Horse - work in progress by Terrence Robertson-Fall


While the two sculptures are just in the rough stages to me, everyone else thinks they look great (meaning done).  That’s kind of the problem for me as an artist, and probably other artists as well.  While others may think the work looks great, it isn’t finished until the sculpture matches the image in my head.  And that’s a tough thing to do.  I have a vivid imagination, full of dynamic shapes and tons of detail.  I think the detail gives the sculpture richness and plenty to look at.  Of course, the detail shouldn’t mask the overall shape and flow of the shape, they should be in a symbiotic relationship, but I just think the detail adds dimension to the art.  That’s also the part that can take so much time.

Running Free Dancer - work in progress by Terrence Robertson-Fall