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Passion drives us to action.  A passionate person is living life to the fullest, breaking out from the norm and doing something wonderful.  Passion overcomes.  Passion makes you care.  Dreams fuel our passions and direct our energies.  Find your dream and make it happen!

Terrence Robertson-Fall sculpts passionate characters telling rich, animated stories.  They connect us with thoughts and emotions that are important - the love of a mother for a child, a good friend who is always happy to see you, the enjoyment of life. Terrence's art uplifts, brightens, and entertains. It might bring some happiness, bring back a memory of a wonderful time that was forgotten, or lead someone to a new wonderful possibility. 

A rose by any other name...

Someone once wrote something like "A rose by any other name smells just as sweet".

I have been trying out sculpting in Zbrush lately, and it is really fun!  It's not "traditional sculpting" like my previous work.  ZBrush is a software program, part of the new-fangled artwork that uses computers.  I don't even know what to really call it, "digital sculpting", "CG sculpting"?  It has it's own pitfalls compared to traditional clay sculpting, but lots of benefits too.  I can take my sculpture with me anywhere, including at work (my day job).  I can work on pieces on my lunch hour on my Surface Book.  I don't need to build an armature.  I can create any crazy shape and form that I want.

But at some point it needs to escape the realm of the computer and enter the real world.  I am really excited about the possibilities in that step, 3D printing. It seems like a great new avenue for my work.  I can leave the 3D prints as the final product, plastic for a low cost product, or use them to create molds for other higher-end materials, including bronze.  I can make a wider range of pieces for a wider range of audiences.

At any rate, it's still sculpture, just using a different set of tools.  

And the art is the important part, right?  Sure, it's interesting to learn how something was created, but if the piece doesn't inspire, instill some emotion or tell a story, then it isn't really art and it isn't worth anything.

This is a work-in-progress of a mermaid playing with a dolphin. This isn't the actual orientation of the sculpture, which has the mermaid looking downward and the dolphin upward, but that's part of the beauty of CG sculpting. Who knows, I might make this the final orientation!

A work-in-progress of a "digital" sculpt in ZBrush by Terrence Robertson-Fall

A work-in-progress of a "digital" sculpt in ZBrush by Terrence Robertson-Fall

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