Fantasy Art

When I was young, I loved to draw fantasy characters.  I spent many a day (and a lot of time in class at school) doodling and drawing strange characters.  Recently I decided that I needed to get back to that.  I am hoping to free up my mind and regain some of that wild imagination I had in childhood, and give me many new ideas for sculpture.

The other day when I was waiting for my wife at the salon, I pulled out my Surface Pro 3 and just started sketching.  I guess I had wings on my mind, since I will be working on a big winged character soon for the animated film Hotel Transylvania 2.  We had also been chatting about our dog.  So somehow my hand started sketching a gargoyle, with a dog's face and bat wings.

I also wanted to get back to painting, so I thought I would fill in some color.  It's pretty fun!  I am definitely going to be doing more of this.