Terrence Robertson-Fall Fine Art

Passion drives us to action.  A passionate person is living life to the fullest, breaking out from the norm and doing something wonderful.  Passion overcomes.  Passion makes you care.  Dreams fuel our passions and direct our energies.  Find your dream and make it happen!

Terrence Robertson-Fall sculpts passionate characters telling rich, animated stories.  They connect us with thoughts and emotions that are important - the love of a mother for a child, a good friend who is always happy to see you, the enjoyment of life. Terrence's art uplifts, brightens, and entertains. It might bring some happiness, bring back a memory of a wonderful time that was forgotten, or lead someone to a new wonderful possibility. 

Sculpture demo in Scottsdale

We were in Scottsdale, Arizona the first weekend in December at the Waterfront Fine Art and Wine Festival.  It was a beautful area along one of the canals with great music, art and wine.  I brought along the clay for Running Free and sculpted as attendees watched.  Many art lovers are not familiar with the sculpture process, so I was busy answering lots of questions.

The temperature was cool, so the clay was a bit stiff, but I was able to carve some detail in to the tail and face.  In this photo, the face is still neutral, but later in the day I worked in a smile.  It's hard to see here, but I completely reworked the tail pose.  I made the tail pop up before flowing down to the ground, which breaks the line of the back and add some excitement to the pose.  It appears to be whipping around now, which I like much better.  Friesians have very long hair (my friend says she has to trim DaVinci's tail hair every week so he doesn't step on it), so I think I can get away with this extra length.

Terrence Robertson-Fall working on the sculpture Running Free