Solo Show at Wyland Gallery

We had a fabulous time down in Laguna Beach, CA on New Year’s Day.  The Wyland Gallery graciously gave me a wonderful spread in their front lobby, a perfect way to display my sculpture and photography.  On that beautiful glass table, I had the two new pieces, Running Free Horse and Dancer, together.  I am sculpting them separately, but they are meant to be together, horse and dance running together.  Just to the right is the concept drawing I created to develop the idea for the sculptures.  The other sculptures were distributed about the lobby so each would have some space to breath on their own.

My photography is displayed on the wall to the left in the photograph.  They are the large prints on photographic paper bonded to aluminum panels.  The colors just pop off the wall, and look great next to Wyland’s paintings.

Since the two newest pieces were in clay, sculpted throughout the day while people watched and asked questions.  The patrons were very interested to hear the story of DaVinci and Simran, the inspiration for the two sculptures, any my wife Karen loved to tell it.  There was a lot of interest in the techniques I used to create the sculptures in clay, and how they will be cast in bronze.  It was fun being the expert, and helping people learn and share in the art.  I was also able to display a few concept drawings for my pieces, to show the entire process from start to finish, which is most likely something few people get to see.  The gallery was very happy to see their customers interacting with me and coming away with a deeper appreciation of the art of sculpture.  They have invited me back over the summer for another show, when Running Free Horse and Dancer are cast in bronze.  The condition is that I need to be working on another clay sculpture during the show, so I will be working on concepts for that soon.

A photo of me sculpting Little Rascals stood at the entrance to the gallery, inviting passers-by on the sidewalk in for a look.