For Sale in Lawrence Gallery

Lawrence Gallery in Oregon is proudly showing and selling several of my sculptures.  It is an honor to have my work displayed in the gallery, alongside some outstanding other works of art, including an original 17th century bronze of Louis XVI by Bernini.

Since 1977, the gallery has been the west coast's center for fine art.  Art and Antiquities Worldwide Media, LLC, one of the foremost art magazines in the United States, selected Lawrence Gallery as one of only seven best places for building an art collection.  It was the only gallery chosen on the west coast, most of the rest being in New York.

Less than an hour from Portland, it is nestled in Oregon's picturesque wine country, so it is a great place to visit.

Running Free Horse in good company

Cats and dogs getting along!  Play Bow, Little Rascals and Lioness and Cub bronzes