Terrence Robertson-Fall Fine Art

Passion drives us to action.  A passionate person is living life to the fullest, breaking out from the norm and doing something wonderful.  Passion overcomes.  Passion makes you care.  Dreams fuel our passions and direct our energies.  Find your dream and make it happen!

Terrence Robertson-Fall sculpts passionate characters telling rich, animated stories.  They connect us with thoughts and emotions that are important - the love of a mother for a child, a good friend who is always happy to see you, the enjoyment of life. Terrence's art uplifts, brightens, and entertains. It might bring some happiness, bring back a memory of a wonderful time that was forgotten, or lead someone to a new wonderful possibility. 


These wonderful animals will guard your precious memories of family and friends.  People often use them to hold jewelry or mementos relating to a special event in life, such as the birth of a baby.

Each box is lined with cream colored felt, and has an inlaid photograph taken by Terrence Robertson-Fall.

The available photos are:

  • On the Hunt (lioness)
  • Full Tilt Boogie (zebra)
  • Wrestlemania (elephants)
  • Leo (tiger)
  • Lounging (leopard)
  • Tranquility (oak tree)
  • Contentment (serval)
  • Cultured Tiger


For more information, contact us directly at artist@TerrenceRobertsonFall.com

Keepsake Box

Available with eight different photographs

W: 7.25"  H:2.5"  L: 9.25"

Cover Photo
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