Lioness and Cub cold bronze sculpture by Terrence Robertson-Fall, based on a scene witnessed in the Serengeti in Tanzania, Africa.  18"x9"x6.75"

Terrence and his wife were on a safari in the Serengeti, in Tanzania in 2010, and came upon a couple of lionesses lounging near a tree.  Terrence watched a single cub climbing all over one of the lionesses.  She quietly tolerated those sharp claws as the little guy had a ball using her as a big plush pillow.  He even practiced his growls and sneers, feeling quite comfortable and protected by mom and an aunt.

Terrence had to sculpt it to remember their trip and the wonderful animals they enjoyed watching.

The sculpture is is mounted on a black granite base with gold flecks.

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Lioness and Cub

2012 cold bronze
L: 18"  W: 9"  H: 6.75"

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