Lioness and Cub bronze sculpture by Terrence Robertson-Fall, based on a scene witnessed in the Serengeti in Tanzania, Africa.  18"x9"x6.75"

Dogs love to play, but it is their passion to play with you!  This special relationship brings joy and happiness and steers us back to the things most important in our lives.


This happy-go-lucky Cocker Spaniel had this funny little habit of rubbing his ears on the floor while he was getting tailbone rubs. After dinner he would crawl up onto Karen’s lap and get ear rubs. He really liked the tummy rubs Terrence would give him but he went nuts whenever we tried to run Terrence’s electric Stewart Little Car or electric Christmas Train. He positioned himself just like he sits now, whenever we ate popcorn, ready to jump for anything we would throw his way.

Maybe he reminds you of a little dog you were quite fond of, or maybe he just makes you smile.  Either way, he is ready to play and would love to follow you home!

The sculpture is available in a few different patinas, please choose which you would prefer.

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Play Bow

L: 23"  W: 12.5"  H: 14"