Running Free Horse

L: 26"  W: 10"  H: 26"

Passion excites.  Passion overcomes.  Dreams fuel our passions and direct our energies.  The Horse knows his dream, to run free and wild, and he is making it happen.


I was visiting a friend and her horse, Da Vinci, a trained jumper.  She let Da Vinci out into a corral sans gear so I could take some photos.  He proved to be quite a character, galloping up and down the length of the corral with wild abandon, so happy to be free.  He repeatedly blasted past me and my camera very close to the railing.  My friend then picked a large leaf from a tree and egged him on.  Together they ran along the corral, woman and horse, best friends, both grinning from ear to ear.   

The sculpture is available in a brown/black and black.  Let us know which you would prefer.

A two-part sculpture, the horse and dancer are available as separate stand-alone pieces or together as one larger sculpture.

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